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three wheeler repair service

If you want to repair service your three wheels repair service then leave your worry on us. We provide a reasonable three-wheel repair service at your home and send the nearest mechanic at your home to save your time. Avail of our service and get instant three wheels repair service at your home. Book now.


Auto Rickshaw Repair Service

Auto rickshaw is the most commonly used for transporting objects in the country around the world and sometimes it occurs a problem in auto-rickshaw like breakdown, engine problem, tire puncher, and our company Repair Bazar provide a complete solution for your rickshaw at your doorstep with certified mechanics at a reasonable price. Book us now.


Electric Rickshaw Repair Service

Nowadays electric rickshaw is the mean transport to bring us everywhere and after someday problem occurs with their battery or any parts our Repair Bazar Company provides you affordable price service at your doorsteps.


Cargo Auto Repair Service

Cargo auto is the source of transporting material to any place easily but sometimes overheating engine, breakdown, consume more fuel, tire puncher having this type of problem feel free to contact our company Repair Bazar provide a complete solution with our expert mechanics at your doorsteps.


Cycle Rickshaw Repair Service

The cycle rickshaw is used in urban areas to transport service many time cycle rickshaw tire bend or puncher because of using low-quality material Repair Bazar has brought low-cost service at your doorstep.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before driving the three-wheeler you must check some important things; make sure clean mirrors, light, reflector are clean and unobstructed check fuel, electrical, brakes steering/suspension, and controls while driving the three-wheeler.

When you driving a three-wheeler make sure you looked both sides of the mirror to overtake anyone. The road ahead should be visible and overtaking should be safe.

According to the three-wheeler companies, three people can travel at one time.

Repair Bazar is one of the best three-wheelers repair companies for 2021 because Repair Bazar has professional mechanics that have complete knowledge of three-wheeler repair service.

Go-Kart consists of various parts are as follows: • Engine and Power Transmission System. • Steering Assembly. • Braking System. • Electrical wiring and Engine wiring.

three wheeler repair service

Why choose Repair Bazar for three wheeler repair service?


1. Professional mechanics:

Repair Bazar provides expert mechanics that have the skills to maintain repair and service your three-wheeler in the best way to perform his best and run smoother.


2. Cost-efficient:

Repair Bazar charge low-cost service and give productive service to run customer three-wheeler smooth.


3. Quality service:

We believe in quality service, not quantity, and maintain service quality, even so, consume less oil and give you a hassle-free ride.


4. We provide free pick-up drop service in Gurgram, as well as all over the metro, cites that saves you time. Give us a call to book your appointment and avail of our premium service.