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painting contractors service

Repair Bazar is an online Painting service provider that provides services to a large group of customers. Repair Bazar paint wall with technical equipment or tools and high-quality paint at an affordable price. Our specialized workers perform waterproof painting services, door painting services, whitewash painting services. Customers are very happy with our service. You may call customer hotline no. and book your Painting Contractor Service now.


Exterior Painting Service

Our specialized workers who have trained professionally easily transform your old house or office into a new one. We have the technical equipment and good quality paint. We aim to provide you good service at an affordable price.


House Exterior Painting

Household exterior painting very easily transforms your renovation into an investment decision. Under no circumstances underestimate the impact a contemporary, cleanse coat of paint may make on the surface of your own home! It doesn’t issue if we’re dealing with stucco, brick, Wooden siding, vinyl, cedar shingles, or Wooden trim.


interior and exterior painting service

Our professional team will completely transform your wall and give the wall a smart touch and we will paint the wall as well as doors, windows at an affordable rate.


graffiti Painting Service

Graffiti painting services effortlessly transforms your renovation into a financial investment. Graffiti is writing or painting that may be illegally written, scratched, or painted over the wall or other surfaces. Graffiti could also Specific the underlying social and political concept.


White wash, Wallpaper, Painting Service

We have professional painters who will paint your home and office well both inside and outside in a stipulated time.


Vintage Painting Service

We make old-fashioned figures on the walls. We make paintings of the early 19th and middle 20s on the wall.


Painting and Polishing Work

We use all types of paint and polish in your home and office so that we can give your walls a smart touch at affordable prices.


Commercial Wall Painting

We are also familiar with industrial Wall painting assistance which happens to be furnished by experienced and experienced experts. All professionals are Experienced painters who supply a loaded and mixing environment of interior colors.


Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost to hire a painter is Rs.20-50 per hour, and professionals take Rs300-800 per day.

Repair Bazar is the best company that offers painting contractors services every year. we are expanding our services day by day and recruit professional technicians.

Acrylic painting is very easiest to learn. Acrylic paint is easy to use for beginners because it dries very quickly.

Any individual who makes art has the privilege to consider themselves an artist. Great specialists transform that energy into something wonderful. They use it to fuel their creativity and make work that impacts others. Anybody can be a craftsman, however, you can perceive an extraordinary artist by how their work causes others to feel.

Some questions to ask an artist : 1. Why do you do what you do? 2. How do you work? 3. What is your background? 4. What role does the artist have in society?

painting contractors service

Why choose Repair Bazar for painting constructor service?

1. Profession painting service:
We provide a knowledgeable painter who has the skills to paint your house, firm, etc in effective Ways.


2. Quality:
The professional painter gives you remarkable quality of service to our customer.


3. Cost-efficient:
We charge a reasonable price and give you an effective service.


4. Give us a call to get our best service to color your house and buildings.