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beauty care

Beauty Care retains primary current market positions globally, and its manufacturer-name solutions company is consistently increasing. The small business device develops, provides, and sells several profitable superior-top quality items (hair, body, pores and skin and oral), which can be found in one hundred fifty nations globally. If you want to beauty care service at your doorstep then you can call +91-9999894591 and fill the inquiry form.


Chocolate And Rica - Wax It

For your skin care, we have a team of Chocolate and Rica wax experts who will come to your home and wax your body. You just have to fill our service form for reasonable wax services.


Wax It with Bleach/De-Tan

We provide the best bleach service at your doorstep. We provide the best expert who will visit your filled location in our service form and De-Tan your body very firmly. Just fill our service form.


Wax It with Bikini

Bikini Wax is among the most liked Wax process among Women. To provide you best Bikini Wax at your doorstep, RepairBazar sends the selected expert of Bikini Wax to your home. Just fill our service form.


Add On

It is enriched with - AMLA - Rejuvenates hair, prevents hair loss ASHWAGANDHA - Anti-oxidant, boosts hair growth BRAHMI - Strengthens and conditions hair COCONUT OIL. Get the best hair spa service.


Free Bikini Wax

FREE - Honey Chocolate Waxing - Half Legs / BIKINI WAX Anti-Tan Clean Up / Fruit Clean Up / VLCC Skin Tightening Clean Up / VLCC Brightening Clean Up Honey Chocolate Waxing - Full Arms & Underarms Oxy - Bleach / Raaga - De-Tan - (Face & Neck) Low Touch Threading.


Rica Brazilian Bikini Wax

Are you looking for Rica Brazilian Bikini Wax near your location? RepairBazar will definitely help you to find the experienced Rica Brazilian Bikini Wax expert near you. Just fill our service form.


Normal Honey Chocolate Bikini Wax

Normal Honey Chocolate Bikini Wax softens your skin and we at RepairBazar will send the experienced and practically oriented expert at your doorstep to save your time. Just fill our service form.


(Waxing + Facial) Packages

If waxing is your hobby then RepairBazar also provides attractive and reasonable packages of facials and waxing. Just let us know about your expectations by filling our service form.


Facial Packages

For the best Facial packages, you need not worry about it as RepairBazar will help you to select the best facial packages that suit your personality. Just fill our service form.


Waxing - Rica

For sensitive skin, Rica waxing is one of the best waxing processes. RepairBazar provides you best and affordable Rica waxing expert so that you feel relaxed after your Rica Waxing.


Waxing - Rica Brazilian (Peel-off) Wax

Are you searching for Rica Brazilian (Peel-Off) Wax? Leave your worry on RepairBazar as we provide you the reputed and experienced Rica Brazilian (Peel-Off) Wax expert at your doorstep.


Low Touch Threading

For your low touch threading, RepairBazar is always ready to find an experienced threading expert who will come to your home. Fill our service form and be ready for low touch threading.



Are you finding a facial expert near you? Just chill and fill our service form. We will convey you the information regarding the facial expert who will visit your filled location and provide you best facial.


Mani-Pedi Combo

For your nail care and feet care, RepairBazar sends the expert of Mani-Pedi Combo to your doorstep. We provide you the genius of a Mani-Pedi Combo expert who will visit your entered location in our service form.


Hair Spa - Inatur Amla

For your hair care and shine, we will send you the expert of Hair Spa who will visit at your entered location and spa your hairs. Fill our service form and get a hair spa at your doorstep.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can make your skin glow by drinking plenty of water, use good quality products, beauty treatment, etc.

If you want to care for your beauty you must do three things in the morning and at the night. 1. Always drink more water, stay hydrated. 2. Change your pillow cover once a week. 3. Always apply sunscreen before going out.

When you have glowing skin it can boost your confidence, but for glowing skin, you have to maintain your skin. 1. keep clean your skin with a skin cleanser. 2. Apply face scrub on your face three times a week. you can change according to your skin types. 3. Apply toner on your face from time to time.

You should apply Cleanser, sunscreen, toner, antioxidant serum, eye cream, moisturizer, etc on face daily. If you want to keep your face safe from pollution, you must apply these things.

The natural tip for making your skin smooth and spotless is intake more level of water in a day because water makes your skin hydrated and change your skin complexion.

1. do not touch your face again and again. 2. Keep your mind cool, stay stress-free. 3. Intake of adequate water. 4. Keep your face sweating free. 5. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

beauty care

Why Repair Bazar company beauty care service at home in Delhi? 


1. Time saving: Beauty care service at home in Delhi will save your time and efficiency with online booking and you get the best beautician expert at your home in your lovable time.

2. Professional beauticians: Repair Bazar provide you, beautician, at your home with the experience of 5+ years.

3. Branded cosmetics: We used branded cosmetics like M.A.C, L'Oreal, Lakme, Maybelline, color bar etc.

4. Disposable items: Repair Bazar beauticians used disposable items like wipes and towels.


5. Hygiene friendly: Our experts are very hygiene friendly they take care of all hygienic things during the service period.