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ac repair service

With the temperature soaring every year, air conditioners are today more of an essential appliance rather than a luxurious one. Its breakdown or malfunctioning can be nightmarish to the power of infinity. But we as the ultimate provider of AC repair services in Delhi, offer our expert and patron-focused approach via our adroit workers to eliminate and eradicate all your AC woes. Our reasonable rates are a cherry on the pie. Whether you need AC maintenance in Lucknow or its repair and installation, we pride ourselves as your one-stop solution. We boast of a network of highly-skilled, well-trained, and experienced technicians who can take care of all possible AC problems that you might face out of the blue. With complete assurance of both quality and service at pocket-friendly pricing, we are operational in Moradabad, Lucknow, Noida, Meerut, Delhi, and Ghaziabad. We pride ourselves in providing prompt services with a response between one to three hours of your lodging your complaint. Our AC Repair services are best available to understand the difference. Features distinguishing us from the crowd include an extensively trained and experienced team, priority service, genuine parts, preventive checks for extended life, seasonal settings, a guarantee of customer satisfaction, etc. Few of our AC Repair services include • Uninstallation and installation of AC • Water leaking from the AC • Regular maintenance service of AC • Water is leaking from the AC machine • Replacing and repairing the fan motor/blower motor/Swing motor • Over-freezing of the gas • Coil and condenser repairing/ replacement • Filling of the AC gas refrigerant • AC not working • AC switching on and off by itself. • AC consuming too much power


Split AC Repair Service

A staple of most houses and offices, a split air conditioner has a separate outdoor unit and indoor unit. It is slightly tricky to repair and maintain. But trust our expert professionals for all kinds of AC repair service in Lucknow including its maintenance at your doorstep to beat the heat and experience the arctic at the equator.


Window AC Repair Service

Installed in an aperture of window holes to let its outer part exposed to the atmosphere, the window ACs are a popular option even today. Our technicians take care of minor to major issues arising from it including annual maintenance. Book an appointment today for AC maintenance to experience the very best.


Multi-Split AC Repair Service

This is defined by up to five indoor units of Split AC connected to a single outdoor unit. Repair Bazaar not only understands the intricacy involved in its repair and maintenance but also fixes it for you like the problem never existed! Book your Multi-Split AC Repair Service now.


Cassette AC Repair Service

An old type of AC, common problems encountered with it is a noisy operation, water leaking, etc. We strongly recommend annual AC maintenance in Noida and other parts to eliminate any issues at any point. Experience top-notch service at affordable pricing by booking Cassette AC Repair Service in Delhi online.


Portable AC Repair Service

A recent popular addition, it can leave you clueless with its issues like not starting, not cooling, stops working out of the blue, no cool air emitting, etc. Let us expert professionals tackle it the right way. Book your Portable AC Repair services in Delhi now online.


Central AC Repair Service

Central AC is usually found in building complexes and offices. Its breakdown can bring your business to a standstill. Get an AC repair maintenance service in Delhi contract with us today to nip all its problems in the buds. Buzz us today to know of attractive discount options.


Packaged AC Repair Services

Do you own more than one type and kind of AC? Trust our verified professionals and class-apart services with an assured guarantee of customer satisfaction at jaw-dropping pricing to keep them running seamlessly at all times. Call now to avail of the best package deal.


Ducted AC Repair Service

A common pain area with any AC hampering its efficiency is leaked or blocked AC ducts with often a hole developing on them. If left status quo, it can break down the whole unit. Let us keep your investment safe by taking care of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Air conditioner technicians charge by the hour- so expect to be charge anywhere from 80- 110 per hour+ GST for domestic AC and 80-140 per hour + GST for commercial AC.

Experts said that servicing your AC once a year. Spring is the best time. Make sure your AC continues to work efficiently, also you need to do housekeeping on a daily basis.

Yes, our technician will provide you services at your location at reasonable prices. Whenever you want our technician to always ready to help you.

Yes, our repair centers give service in all types of AC. whatever your AC belongs to any company.

Repair Bazar offers all types of AC service for you. our AC services are split AC, window AC, multi-split AC, cassette AC, portable AC, central AC, packaged AC, ducted AC.

Charges of window AC in Delhi For 1.0 ton - Rs. 599/- For 1.5 ton - Rs. 599/- For 2.0 ton - Rs. 599/-

Switch the power off, Clean the condenser fan and oil the fan motor, Clean the condenser coils and fins, Recycle refrigerant, Service the filter.

ac repair service

Why Repair Bazar company AC service and repair?

1. Customer protection: Like any other service provider, Repair Bazar offers a customer protection of Rs. 20,000 against damages.


2. Verified professionals: All professionals in Repair Bazar Company are taken with a scanning process to examine for their expertise.


3. Service warranty: We at Repair Bazar Company take complete ownership of our services and hence, this is the purpose that we provide 90 days warranty.


4. Standardized pricing: To save our customers from unfair price practices, we have come up with the concept of standardized pricing with the rate card shared on the website as well as on App.


5. Online payment: Now pay nuisance free post your service through our online payment service. You will receive a link via SMS or Email through which you take to the online payment portal.